Batteries and Boats

The Following are important considerations for battery installations


*Batteries should be mounted higher than normal bilge water levels in a battery tray or box that is impervious to battery acid.

*Ventilation for battery compartments should be at the top of the compartment and separate from engine ventilation.

*All batteries should share a common ground connection with cable gauge equal to the largest power supply wire or starter cable.  This excludes batteries that are isolated from primary systems.

*No battery in the boat should be used to supply power for dockside equipment (ie boat lifts).

*No more than 4 ring terminal should be stacked on a stud.  Accessory studs should be used as needed.

*Never use a wing nut to secure terminals.  A recommended method is to use a stainless steel star washer below the ring terminal with a stainless steel nut on top.


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